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Dated: May 29 2020

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Have you been thinking about doing a remodeling project? Creating a new bathroom can create a safe place to relax and can give more privacy to you and your family! Remodeling a bathroom is not an easy task... Come up with ideas, plans, and a budget before you start tearing out tile and showers/tubs. We have a few ideas to help you get the best out of your bathroom.


An easy-care floor is tile flooring. It is easy to clean and when done right it keeps the subfloor from soaking up water and damaging your home. There are 12 different types of tiles to choose from. For a non-slip option look into getting textured tiles or go with smaller tiles since they use more grout. Stay away from the natural stone tile unless you know how to seal them correctly. They have the tendency to absorb water, over time will be stained, they are brittle and can easily be chipped or scratched, and they are pretty expensive. 


There are several types of vanities and each one has a different purpose.

Free Standing Vanities - A Pedistool Sink doesn't allow any storage space for necessities it is good for smaller spaces like half baths. They also give your bathroom a clean and modern look.

Wall Mounted Vanities - A wall-mounted sink looks great and can also save space as well. It looks clean and gives your bathroom an open feel. But it could have less durability and could potentially break/fall and cost you more money.

Vessel Sink & Vanity - Vessel sinks give you stylish alternatives to traditional sinks. But they are more expensive and can take up quite a bit of room. Also, some designs do not work with some bathrooms shapes and sizes.

Under Mount Sink - These look classy and modern at the same time. They are a great addition to any bathroom and they allow you to have a little extra storage. On the other side, they need a hard countertop like granite or marble making them more expensive choices.

Vanity Cabinets - These are the most picked for bathrooms. They are not too expensive and they give you the storage space you need while still able to be placed in almost any bathroom.


There are 9 different types of lighting typically used in a bathroom. The best way to choose your lighting is to choose your design and style you are looking to come across. Start at your ceiling and move down, You want to keep a balance and moderation throughout your bathroom. 

Pendant Lights - Hang from ceilings. There are different types, sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. Gives your bathroom a simple and they give your bathroom general lighting. 

Wall Lights - Only gets placed on the wall and gives your bathroom a clean look. They have different styles, designs, and sizes. You want to consider the size of the mirror you are going to add and the size of the bathroom before going out to buy these.

Ceiling Lighting - Installed in the ceiling, these lights give you a clean and contemporary feel. This lighting is usually installed by cutting holes in the ceiling. They are good to use throughout your entire bathroom and are popular in showers since they keep working even if splashed with water. Another benefit of this lighting choice is they provide all-over lighting.

Vanity/Mirror Lighting - Vanities and mirrors are usually overlooked when it comes to lighting. If you are looking to add a light over a vanity you definitely want to choose carefully. The type of vanity, design, style, color, and size all play a factor in the choice. Vanity lights usually are installed in pairs, whereas mirror lights are a long fixture. You can install mirror lights in a strand around your mirror and by doing so it can make the bathroom seem bigger, brighter, and attractive. 

There is also track lights, chandeliers, LED strip lighting, and ceiling lamps.


Make sure you get a good flusher. You don't want to be plunging your toilet every time you use it! Look for a loo that has a MaP (Maximum Performance) testing of 500 or more. 

Whether you are buying a tub/shower combo, building a tile walk-in shower, or putting in a soaker, make sure you do research or call a professional to install it. Improper insulation can lead to tons of money fixing it down the road. Make sure you buy proper caulking/grout to help with leaks. 

Fans are a necessity! Nowadays they are equipped with timers, lights, Bluetooth, humidity sensors, different noise levels, and so much more. Bathroom fans help with odor elimination, moisture control, helps clean air, helps with mold, and helps keep foggy mirrors/glass away. 

Other Items to Consider

Make sure your pipes are not on exterior walls as this can cause pipes to freeze. It is best to run pipes through the floor instead of walls, this can save a little money if damage/leaking occurs down the road.

Use a special paint that is best in high humidity. Don't use wallpaper in a bathroom, it won't stand up to the humidity.

Check your caulking every so often to make sure you don't have any holes. 

Make sure you install proper safety accessories like grab bars, nonslip mats, etc - you never know who will be needing a shower at your home!

Make sure your water heater is big enough for your family. For showering, expect around 15 gallons used per person, bathing around 25 gallons (depending on the size of the tub), washing hands/face and brushing teeth about 6 gallons, and shaving about 2 gallons. 

We hope you enjoy remodeling your bathroom! Be sure to check out local deals at Lowes, Home Depot, At Home Store, and many more. If you are thinking about remodeling but would like a contractor to help give Crutcher Custom Homes a call for an estimate - 417-893-0993

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